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Will We See you on the 20th? ACE Education Seminar


Invite your local elected officials to proactively discuss

the issues that impact our dairy community.

This event is for community leaders, elected officials, conservation officials, dairy and livestock producers and Wisconsinites who want to grow vibrant and green communities.

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Seminar Overview

Research and education: "World-class" starts here

UW-System President Ray Cross joins us to discuss how the consolidation of two-year colleges with nearby four-year UW schools will help keep college more accessible and affordable in Wisconsin. He will also highlight the significant role the UW System plays in helping farmers remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

Planning for growth, change and the future

Natalie Cotter, AEEA Program Manager in the Bureau of Land & Water Division of Ag Resource Management at Wisconsin DATCP and John Kappelman, community leader and former dairy farmer share information about how Ag Enterprise Areas can help communities plan, prepare and welcome future growth and revenue.

2018 Trends, economics and agricultural prices

Dr. Mark Stephenson will shed light on what's ahead for agriculture and share why Wisconsin producers slide between anxious and hopeful. Learn more about why some continue to capitalize on expansion and others seek to diversify or specialize

Local fiscal stress and property values

Levy limits, property value growth, shared revenue and other factors impact local government's ability to provide great community amenities. Valeah Foy, Department of Revenue, will dial in on statistics and facts, so we better understand the fiscal reality of local government.

Dairying in Wisconsin: pride, passion & potential

Hear from two farm families Melissa and Travis Marti, Vesper, Wis and Alan and Stephanie Hughes, Pittsville, Wis, whose stories are different - yet alike in so many ways. Hear why they chose dairying, how they set up their businesses, what challenges they foresee, how they plan to grow and transition to another generation. They'll share what they are excited about, their greatest fears and what they need from their communities, schools and local leaders.

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