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The Jersey Jug

The timeless tradition at the NAILE is the Jersey Jug, held every Sunday. It features three-year-olds that have been entered as baby calves. This year's program, entitled "Timeless" outlines the history of the Jersey Jug: "A Jersey breeder conceived the idea of this Jersey futurity show as a way to stimulate more interest in the Jersey breed and to add further to the enjoyment of owning Jerseys. One-half century later, there are many imitators, but only one National Jersey Jug Futurity. Russell L. White of Galena, Ohio, is the father of the National Jersey Jug Futurity. The idea of the futurity show came to him while attending a Jersey parish show in Plain City, Ohio, in August of 1950. He turned to Bert Leas, from Groveport, Ohio, and asked, “Why not a Jersey futurity show?” Bert thought it over for a few minutes and said, “I’m with you.” Then they approached Forrest Bigelow of Plain City, who shared their enthusiasm. Before the parish show was over that day, they had enlisted more supporters and arranged a meeting to formulate plans for a Jersey futurity show. It was a natural thing for the idea of a Jersey futurity to take root in central Ohio. Delaware, a town located 25 miles north of Columbus, is the scene of the annual Little Brown Jug, an internationally famous harness race for 3-yr.-old Standardbred pacers. This futurity race was conceived in 1940 and made its debut in 1946 after two previews. The men who organized the Jersey Jug Society had watched the growth and attending interest of the Delaware County Fair following the advent of the Little Brown Jug race. They reasoned that a futurity show for the Jersey breed could accomplish for Jersey owners what the Little Brown Jug accomplished for Standardbred horses; increased participation in a promotional event from breeders and interested spectators alike. The name Jersey Jug was selected for the futurity show. It had a natural thought association with the Little Brown Jug and also embodied the idea of the metal containers which the dairymen on the Island of Jersey formerly used to hold and transport milk. In 1954 came the debut of the Jersey Jug Futurity. Twelve 3-yr.-old Jersey bulls and 24 females were nominated for the show before they were 12 months old. That first show was a production of intrigue, glamour and suspense. There was the Jersey Jug parade, the colorful green blankets, the Queen and a blanket of red roses for the two winners. In 1956, the Jersey Jug was given wider scope when it moved from Delaware to the Ohio State Fair. In 1959 the National Jersey Jug Futurity became a special feature of The All American Show and Sale. Never has one single class in a show caused so much interest and good-natured competition among Jersey breeders. And what dreams have been fulfilled for the many breeders who have entered and shown their Jerseys in this important event! A calf is born; the breeders or one of the youngsters says, “This is one for the Jersey Jug!”

An annual presentation during this show is the Max Gordon Memorial Award. Presented by the Gordon family in honor of Max. The recipient is one who exemplifies a high degree of integrity amongst their peers and the Jersey is the cornerstone.

This year's recipient was an active Junior Jersey Association member, joined his father in the Jersey and farm partnership. Is an active judge across the country and over the course of three years had two Jug winners and a maternal grandson that has been premier sire of the show in previous years. This year's recipient is Kevin Williams of Ohio.

The Futurity

This year's judges are Kevin Lutz of North Carolina and associate Louie Cozzitorto of California. Eighteen entries passed before the judges on the colored shavings.

Taking top honors was South Mountain Voltage Radiant-ET exhibited by Ernest Kueffner and Terri Packard of Maryland. Second and first Junior was TJ Classic Premier Misty, exhibited by TJ Classic Jerseys and Allison Frances of Ohio. Third and Premier Performance winner was Lylestanley Deacnp Francine 1975-P, owned by Red Dirt Genetics and On The Go Farms, Oklahoma.

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