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Springhill Encore Sale

An outpouring of local dairymen and women, as well as dairy breeders from across the country attended the Springhill Encore Sale on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at Springhill farm in Big Prairie, Ohio, or online at Cowbuyer.com. Eighty-eight live female Guernseys averaged an impressive $1,804 each, considering the current market and the fact that the majority sold were cows or bred heifers. Calves and heifers averaged $2,103 and A2A2 lots averaged $1,840. The Holsteins averaged 1,265 on 116 lots and one Jersey also sold.

The high seller of the entire sale was Springhill Pies Jadira-ETV, a Fall Yearling who was purchased by Valerie and Jim Spreng of Bucyrus, Ohio for $5,350. She is an Indian Acres Pies-ET daughter of Springhill Jacqueline-ET EX-90, a Royal Oak from Dix Lee Tiller Joke EX-93. This makes Jadira the maternal sister of Springhill Laredo Jubilee-ET VG-89, Junior Champion at NGS-Madison and Unanimous All-American in 2015.

Three Holstein animals sold for $2,600 each as high sellers of the Holstein sale. Topping the Holsteins were Montross, Sid and Doorman sired daughters. Ross Russell of Kentucky purchased the VG-85 Springhill-OH Montross Alee, a Montross with over 30,000M at 2-03 just bred to Duckett Crush Tatoo-ET. She is a granddaughter of Springhill-OH Oman Anett 2E-91, GMD, DOM and dam of sons in AI. Logan and Wyatt Schlauch, of Ohio purchased an 85-point Sid with 28,486 at 2-02 from Kingsmill Goldwyn Jewel 2E-93 with over 149,340M life and backed by nine Very Good or Excellent dams for $2,600. The third Holstein selling for $2,600 was a June 2017 Doorman from an 86-point Goldchip with over 35,000M from a Very Good granddam and eight more generations of Excellents. She was purchased by Wabash Way of Ohio.

The sale was co-managed by Guernsey Marketing Service and Kiko Auctions with clerking assistance by Ohio Holstein Association. Pedigrees were read by Charlie Will for Holsteins and Blaine Crosser for Guernseys.

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