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Select Sires Graduates Exciting Group of Diverse Sires to Proven Lineups

The December sire summaries resulted in several impressive additions to Select Sires’ product lines. This class of graduates offers a nice diversity of new sire stacks and specialists for various market segments. Continue reading for lineup additions in Holstein, Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Jersey sires.

Holstein Graduates

The much anticipated 7HO12344 RAGER-RED joins Select Sires’ lineup as the Red & White breed’s No. 1 proven sire for GTPI® and NM$. He is a Relief-P son backed by a Very Good (88) 7HO10606 OBSERVER dam and an Excellent (90-EX-MS) 7HO7872 ADVENT-RED grandam. RAGER-RED carries a Superior SettlerTM designation and transmits appealing Type (+2.14) with powerhouse production (+1,400 Milk) numbers.

7HO12357 PENLEY is a fitness and wellness trait specialist that is siring trouble-free cows with great production records. PENLEY is among the best for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.33), Productive Life (PL) (+9.1), Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+2.4) and Dairy Wellness Profit IndexTM (DWP$TM ) (+1,039). This 7HO11618 PLATINUM son is an outcross sire designed to meet the needs of today’s breeding programs.

Previously a popular Super SamplerTM, 7HO12236 BAYONET graduates into the proven lineup with an extremely balanced linear profile. With +1.70 PTAT and +1.90 UDC, this 7HO11525 DONATELLO son is siring high-producing cows with very high and wide rear udders.

Type-giant 7HO12395 SATURN is one of only five proven sires in the breed over +2300 GTPI and greater than +3.00 PTAT. Improve udders with his breed-leading UDC of +3.08 and +3.23 Rear Udder Height. This bull is bred for longevity with his Very Good (88) Clark dam fresh again and working on her fifth lactation.

High-Component Sires

7BS871 ADVISOR graduates to Select’s active proven Brown Swiss lineup. He is an extreme health trait specialist (+7.7 PL and +1.8 DPR) and component specialist (+.09%P and +.12%F). Graduating to Select Sires’ Guernsey lineup is 7GU458 JAGUAR, an elite Type (+1.8) bull that sires cows with sensational udders (+1.5 UDC) and correct feet and legs (+1.6 FLC). Joining the proven Jersey ranks is 7JE5011 MEGAPOWER, an A2A2, high Type (+1.6) Megatron son from a cow family that delivers results.

GenerVations Graduates

250HO1131 SALT joins the GenerVations proven lineup as an all-around complete sire with favorable Calving Ease (6.2 SCE), high fertility (+1.3 DPR) and attractive Type traits (+2.29 PTAT, +2.82 UDC). He is +2518 GTPI and ranks among the top 20 GLPI sires in Canada. A 7HO11314 MOGUL son from Delaberge Planet Louisa (VG-88-VG-MS), SALT’s pedigree ensures success.

Accelerated Genetics Graduates

Two Holsteins and one Jersey sire join the Accelerated Genetics lineup. One of the lineup’s most recognizable bulls, 14HO7461 CRANK-IT, graduates to the proven ranks with an ultra-low SCS (2.63) and crowd-pleasing Type (+2.37). He’s a 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN son from a Very Good (87) Iota from a (EX-92-3E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Toystory with a lifetime milk record of 295,000 pounds. 14HO7426 EQUINOX offers a MOGUL-free pedigree and is guaranteed to improve health and fitness traits, while siring moderate-framed cattle. With a +5.6 PL, 14JE670 LEMONHEAD sires long-lasting cows while improving health traits and components (+.17%F). He is the industry’s first proven Samson son from a Very Good (88%) Renegade dam.

For more details about Select Sires' new graduates lineup, visit www.selectsires.com or contact your Select Sires sales representative.

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