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Select Sires Graduates Elite Performers

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, December 7, 2018— Select Sires’ class of December 2018 graduates offers an impressive combination of elite production, breed-leading, functional type, incredible fertility and wellness to maximize success. In total, 14 sires joined daughter-proven lineups for Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations product lines.

TPI and NM$ Leaders

7HO12659 PASSAT (+2667 GTPI®), 7HO13253 VERTEX (+2614) and 7HO13244 CREED* (+2592) make their daughter-proven debut as top-30 sires on Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 TPI list. In addition to leading TPI values, PASSAT (+868 NM$) and VERTEX (+791 NM$) shine on the Net Merit Index listing to create efficient, herd leaders. In total, six Holstein additions to Select Sires’ lineup are +700 NM$ or higher.

Production and Components

VERTEX is a production powerhouse, leading the graduating class with +2,052 Milk and +130 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP). 7HO12550 FARRIS offers elite production values (+1,993 Milk) and an alternative sire stack (Altaoak x O-Style x VG-85-DOM 7HO8081 PLANET) to add diversity in mating options. For producers breeding for improved components, CREED (+154 CFP) and 7HO12623 GUMP (+112 CFP) provide incredible CFP values.

Healthy and Trouble-Free

Highly fertile, efficient cattle that stay out of the sick pen are invaluable to dairymen from coast to coast. Select Sires’ new graduates excel in fitness, fertility and health traits—maximizing the return on genetic investment.

PASSAT tops Select Sires’ Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®) listing (+1,089) and ranks fourth on the Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) (+190). Joining PASSAT in Select Sires’ top-10 DWP$ lineup are FARRIS (+974) and VERTEX (+931).

For an ideal balance of production and type without sacrificing health traits, dairymen will appreciate the performance and moderate size of 7HO13262 PREMIUM daughters. 7HO12605 AZOR joins the lineup as one of the best mammary improvers (+2.84 Udder Composite). He’s a great option for heifer programs (5.8% Sire Calving Ease), improves health (+3.5 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +4.9 Productive Life) and reduces overall cow size.

Boost your conception rates with Superior SettlerTM sires like VERTEX, GUMP and PASSAT. VERTEX, in particular, brings exciting fertility data to the lineup, with more than 20,000 observations and +2.0 Sire Conception Rate (SCR).

7JE1484 PERRY and 7JE1421 IRON MAN Graduate

Both Jersey graduates transmit a profitable combination of production, components and functional type. PERRY’s extreme rankings for fertility traits (+1.8 DPR, +1.9 Heifer Conception Rate, +2.3 Cow Conception Rate) have earned him the stamp of approval from customer-owners. With an easy-to-use pedigree, IRON MAN will boost Cheese Merit (+492 CM$) while adding strength and width to mammary systems.

Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations Additions

14HO7603 BURT and 14HO12604 HERWIN join the Accelerated Genetics lineup as daughter-proven bulls. With no 7HO11314 MOGUL, 7HO12165 MONTROSS, 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE, 7HO13250 JEDI or 7HO10524 ROBUST in his pedigree, BURT is the perfect outcross sire with production and type that doesn’t disappoint. From the iconic Cookiecutter Mom Halo-ET (VG-88-EX-MS-DOM) cow family, HERWIN transmits balanced Type traits while boosting components.

Entering the proven Jersey lineup is 14JE707 JX CAMPEONE {3}, a production powerhouse (+1,219 Milk) that sires functional type and improves mammary systems.

250HO12589 JACOBY is making a name for himself, turning fancy heifers into beautiful-uddered cows. This Showcase SelectionsTM sire ranks among the breed’s top-5 daughter-proven sires for Type (+3.95) and boasts a +3.30 UDC.

For more details on Select Sires’ new graduates and additions to the GenerVations lineup, visit www.selectsires.com. For more information on additions to the Accelerated Genetics daughter-proven lineup, visit www.accelgen.com.

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