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Progressive Holstein Genetics at IPS

ROCK SPRINGS, WISC. – International Protein Sires (IPS) offers progressive genetics as published with the December sire summaries. “New additions to our sire lineup along with updated proofs bolster IPS leadership in Holstein genetics. Our versatile sire offering provides something for everyone; high GTPI sires, superior NM$ sires, excellent performing and durable cattle, show winning type, the polled trait, red color along with A2A2 milk attributes,” stated Ron Sersland, IPS President and CEO.

566HO1306 CAUGHT MY EYE at +2806GTPI is among the leaders at IPS. This Holstein pacesetter is +1,886 lbs. milk, +98 lbs. fat (+.10%) and +63 lbs. protein (+.02%). CAUGHT MY EYE has highly touted conformation ratings, as well; +2.65 type, +2.72 UDC and +1.46 FLC. His productive life score is +4.6 along with 6.2% calving ease. Sired by Hotline, CAUGHT MY EYE is from an up and coming Octoberfest daughter. His highly respected cow family was bred and developed in the Larcrest herd.

566HO1310 CONTRAIRE at +2815GTPI is the new leader among IPS progressive Holstein genetics. He is also a full brother to 566HO1306 CAUGHT MY EYE. His attributes include; +1,731 lbs. milk, +96 lbs. fat (+.11%) and +65 lbs. protein (+.04%). Conformation qualities are comparable to his bull brother; +2.33 type, +2.20 UDC and +1.56 FLC. CONTRAIRE’s calving ease score is 7.7% along with a productive life rating of +5.1. Look to CONTRAIRE for that added quality in your herd.

566HO1307 JIPZ is the newest IPS addition at +2769GTPI. This formidable genetic package comes in at +1,297 lbs. milk, +76 lbs. fat (+.10%) and +55 lbs. protein (+.05%). He has a substantial productive life score of +7.4 and 6.1 calving ease. These rating are supported by notable type traits; +2.07 type, +1.98 UDC and +1.07 FLC. JIPZ is a Kennedy son, while his dam is a Jedi daughter that classified VG-85 at twenty four months. The next two dams made exceptional milk records with solid components.

A breed leader for type is 566HO1283 ON POINT at +4.00. This standout also racks up excellent scores of +2.49 UDC and +1.92 FLC. In addition, ON POINT is plus for component test, both fat and protein. On Point is sired by Solomon while his dam is an Excellent-94 scored Atwood daughter. His next four direct dams are all classified Excellent-91 or higher.

566HO1305 THUMBS UP is an all-around breed improver with supreme wellness traits at $1215 DWP$. Rated at +2736GTPI, his durability or fitness scores are equally outstanding; +8.5 productive life and +4.1 LIV. These superior health qualities are complemented with high production at +1,944 lbs. milk, +79 lbs. fat (+.02%), +66 lbs. protein (+.02%) and +921NM$. The entire cow family behind THUMBS UP is packed with high milk yield from durable, profitable cattle.

These progressive Holstein genetics support the underlying philosophy at IPS; “Breeding Cows, Not numbers.” They also fulfill the discrete demands by dairy producers worldwide. IPS semen may be obtained worldwide through company employees or independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, www.ipssires.com or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593


Fred Hendricks,

IPS Media Relations


Ph: 419.569.3050

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