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PortaCheck Announces Rainbow Scours On-Farm Test is Now Available

Moorestown, NJ – PortaCheck is pleased to announce they are now distributing the on-farm Rainbow Calf Scours test that has been recognized and used throughout Europe for more than ten years.

“The need for an accurate and easy-to-use calf scours test moved us to evaluate proven tests on the market,” said Mike Gavin, President of PortaCheck. “We are very pleased with the accuracy and design of the Rainbow test, which gives quick results in ten minutes.” Each test screens for Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E.coli F5 and Cryptosporidium.

PortaCheck has become an on-farm testing leader with a full product line that assists producers in making management decisions and improving animal health. The company also provides the BHBCheck™ blood ketone test, UdderCheck™ sub-clinical mastitis test, the PortaBHB® milk ketone test, the PortaSCC® milk test, the IgGCheck Calf Passive Transfer Test and the IgGCheck Foal Passive Transfer test. These reliable tools are available in more than 65 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.PortaCheck.com.

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