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OHG - the breeding center for Holsteins in Germany and supplier of high quality livestock, semen & embryos in more than 50 countries worldwide - is well-known for the high genetic level and breeding progress.

New breeding values - December 2018 Please find the top list of the OHG genomically tested bulls as well as the OHG daughter proven bulls. OHG is very glad about bulls like ADLON P (ISU 225 in France), ROYCE (NVI 360 in the Netherlands), FELIX (NTM 36 in Scandinavia), SUPREM (ICO 4735 in Spain), ANDY-RED (RZG 159 in Germany), MIX-RED PP ... (for more details).

International Osnabrueck Black & White Days 2019 The 43rd „International Osnabrueck Black & White Days“ will be held on the 25th/26th January 2019 - with the "Breeders and Manager Tour" on Friday, 25th January, and the "Holstein Show" and the "Top Genetics Auction" on Saturday, January 26th. For the detailled program or for assistance in advance of your stay, please contact us. For interested potential clients we will send the Top Genetic Auction catalogue early in advance.

OHG Livestock Auction Sales The next livestock sales will be held on the 12th December 2018, 9th January and 13th February 2019 at Halle Gartlage in Osnabrueck (Germany). More than 300 fresh calved, high quality pedigree heifers will be offered for the German and European market (catalogue). To organize the exportation of fresh calved or pregnant heifers it will be beneficial to contact OHG early in advance.

If you have questions or wishes, please contact OHG directly by email akandzi@ohg-genetic.de or by fax ++49 5422 / 987-100

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