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Original Bonnie Mohr Painting to Sell at National Guernsey Convention

Bonnie Mohr will be at the AGA Convention in Dubuque, Iowa on Friday, June 29. She will be available to personalize prints, artist’s proofs and canvas giclees beginning at 2:00 p.m.

The original painting and number 1 print, artist’s proof and canvas giclee will be sold at auction prior to the Youth Awards Banquet that evening. Proceeds from the sale of the original artwork will be used to defray costs of the project. Net proceeds from all other sales will go toward costs of hosting the World Guernsey Conference next year. The AGA has exclusive rights to sell ‘Future’s Promise’ merchandise through the AGA Convention in 2019.

Costs are as follows: 16X20 prints - $100, 8X10 prints - $15, 16X20 artist’s proofs - $125, 20X24 canvas giclees - $300. As a convention special, each print or artist’s proof purchase will include a free 8X10 print. Each canvas giclee purchase will include a free 16X20 print. Packs of 10 notecards - $12.

The number 2 thru 10 prints, artist’s proofs and canvas giclees will be available for purchase at the regular price plus an additional cost as follows: #2 - $100, #3 - $90, #4 - $80, #5 - $70, #6 - $60, #7 - $50, #8 - $40, #9 - $30, #10 - $20.

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