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ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference Invites Dairy Producers to Explore the Transformative Power of Ide

Discussion topics to include increasing milk’s market value, robotics on the farm and feeding organic trace minerals

Register before March 31 at one.alltech.com for savings of $400

LEXINGTON, Ky – ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE18), held May 20–22 in Lexington, Kentucky, will provide dairy producers with a unique opportunity to participate in a global conversation about the innovations, challenges and solutions facing their industry. Focus sessions designed to educate and inspire will allow producers to gather insights from leading dairy experts and exchange ideas with peers from around the globe.

ONE18 dairy topics:

- Get More From Your Milk: Increasing Milk Value

What can the dairy industry do to strengthen milk’s position in the market? From organic varieties to cheese, milk has the potential to create new opportunities all along the food chain.

- Why Does Organic Matter?

Feeding trace minerals in organic form has been proven to increase uptake and achieve a greater response than inorganic trace minerals. As we continue to seek better performance in dairy cows, can we explore new ideas for delivering nutrition more efficiently?

- A Voice for Agriculture

Dairy farming has changed considerably in the last 20 years, but consumer perception of the industry has not adjusted accordingly. What does it mean to be an “agvocate,” and how can we effectively educate the public about our passion to provide a safe product with healthy, happy cows?

- Robotics on the Farm

Are we ready to embrace the inevitable change as today's farm goes robotic? How will you implement the next idea at your dairy operation? Hear how to prepare today for the technology of tomorrow.

- Digital Detox: Data to Ensure a Safe, Healthy and Sustainable Food Chain

Our farms are being invaded by connected instruments and devices that make up “the internet of things." What technologies will ensure our daily meal?

- Bytes: Tech That Feeds Us

Stakeholders in our food supply chain are becoming inextricably linked, blurring the lines between science, farming, food and retail. Let's imagine how the food chain will link in the future.

*Topics subject to change as the schedule evolves.

Now in its 34th year, Alltech’s conference is attended annually by nearly 4,000 people from over 70 countries. Whether producers are navigating a fundamental change within the dairy industry or just need a little inspiration, they’ll learn about real-world opportunities and solutions at ONE18.

Learn more and register at one.alltech.com for a savings of $400 before March 31. Join the conversation with #ONE18 on Twitter, and follow the ONE18 Facebook event page for updates.

Kevin Wulf of Riverview, LLP discusses community relations and education during the dairy focus session at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference 2017. ONE18 will offer dairy producers an opportunity to explore topics specific to their industry and participate in a global exchange of ideas for the future.

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