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National Guernsey Award Winners Show Prowess, Excitement in the Breed

The American Guernsey Association hosted their annual Awards Dinner on Thursday, June 28.

Several herds were recognized for their success in production:

High TPE Herd for Milk & Protein: Gurn Z Meadow Farm, Columbus, WI

High TPE Herd for Fat: Warwick Manor Farm, East Earl, PA

Commercial Herd Winner: Warwick Manor Farm, East Earl, PA

Many individual cows were also recognized for their top records from Hoard's Dairyman Farm, WI; Warwick Manor Farm, PA; and Rutter Bros, PA.

Warwick Manor Chases Silk EX-91 was recognized as setting a new all-time record for fat production with 7-00 305D 2X 31,860M 8.4% 2,666F 3.2% 1,024P. She is owned by Karli Stoltzfus, East Earl, PA.

After the production awards, three special awards were given to Guernsey breeders who have influenced progress in the breed and supported the American Guernsey Association along the way.

Megan Schrupp, the Outstanding Young Farmer, pictured with husband Tim

Megan Schrupp of Empire Guernseys, Paynesville, Minnesota, was recognized as the 2018 Outstanding Young Guernsey Farmer. Megan is the CEO and Veterinarian at NexGen Dairy, where Empire Guernseys are housed. She is in the process of converting the large Holstein herd to Guernseys & Jerseys for better component production.

The family of William Peck were present to accept his award. L-R: Wayne, Betsy and Mary-Elizabeth Foote

William Peck of Welcome Stock Farm, Schuylerville, New York, was presented the 2018 Master Breeder award. Welcome Stock Farm was an influential herd of the 20th century, most notably through the bull Welcome Choices Admiral. William's daughter, Betsy Foote, has carried the Guernsey tradition on, and recently, Guernseys have been re-introduced to the farm, which is now hugely influential in the Holstein breed.

Distinguished Service honoree, David Trotter, center, with family

David Trotter was presented the Distinguished Service award for his years of contribution to the Guernsey breed. David is co-owner of Trotacre Farm, which has produced several influential cows and bulls throughout the years. He is the immediate past president of the American Guernsey Association, and served in this capacity for seven of his eight years on the Board of Directors.

The July/August Guernsey Breeders' Journal will have complete convention coverage.

All photos by Michael Murphy for Purebred Publishing

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