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NAILE Supreme Champions

As the crews were packing trailers and preparing for travel home to all parts of the country, the hustle and bustle stopped for a few moments as the Supreme Championship unfolded. One last parade across the shavings was had for the Grand Champions of the breed shows held Sunday through Tuesday afternoon. And the various officials were on hand to select the Supreme from amongst the outstanding cows that were presented one last time at the final show of the year for most.

Taking home top honors this year were the Jersey and Ayrshire Grand Champion cows. The judges selected the top Jersey cow, Discoverys Tequila Jewelene exhibited by Lisa Demmer of Ellendale, Minnesota, as the Supreme. Reserve Supreme Champion honors went to the same cow that had been named Reserve Supreme Champion of the JErsey show, Miss Brianna of Iowayside owned by the Sickles family of Marengo, Iowa.

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