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Mowry Ayr Herd Dispersal

An incredible sale, that will be remembered for a very long time was held for the herd dispersal of Mowry Ayr on May 11, 2018 in Muncy, Pennsylvania at Fraley's Auction Farm Complex. With 71 live lots the all Ayrshire herd dispersed for an average of $2,774.00. The presentation of animals, hospitality, group of attendees, and breed support created an atmosphere to enjoy!

With three lots bringing over ten thousand dollars it was a successful and exciting evening. Dropping the gavel down at the top sale price of $15,000 was Mowry's Burdette Summer, EX-92 2E who was Unanimous All-American in 2015 as a Four-Year-Old and Reserve All-American in 2017 as an Aged Cow. Summer has records to 33,300 of milk with over 1,300 pounds of fat and is backed by three Very-Good and Excellent dams. She looked great on sale day and sold dry and due back this July to Reagan, one of the hottest bulls on the market!

The second high-seller selling at $12,500 was Mowry's Homerun Gracie, VG-86. She is a much anticipated Senior-Three-Year-Old for the show seasons this year. Selling dry and due back late June she comes from two Very-Good scored dams.

Knocking off at $11,000 was Mowry's Bendig Maggie, EX-90, the third high seller. This solid red cow had an incredible rear udder, milking 105 pounds and a cow that will be fun to watch progress as a Four-Year-Old this fall! She hails from an incredible brood cow family and directly from the great Soldier Mia, EX-91 2E who was All-American as a Fall-Yearling-In-Milk in 2010.

While it was heartbreaking to see the herd of such incredibly quality from one end of the barn to the other be dispersed due to Jason's injury, the herd in itself is an incredible accomplishment of progressive, consistent and solid breeding.

You can find all sale photos HERE.

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