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Minnesota State Fair Jersey Show

August 29 was the Jersey show at Minnesota State Fair. Mike Berry of Oregon served as judge of the quality show.

Grand Champion of the show was the winning Aged Cow, Meadow Ridge Jackknife Summer owned by Michael Riebe. Reserve Grand was the Cheese Production winner Discoverys Tequila Jewelene for Lisa Demmer. Honorable Mention was the winning Four-Year-Old, Discoverys Verbatim Jaguar, also for Lisa Demmer, Discovery Genetics.

Junior Champions of the show came from the younger classes. Junior Champion was the first-place Fall Calf, Stadview IMpression Majestic for Stadview. Reserve Junior Champion was the first Winter Calf Stadview Mr Dynamic Amaze, Stadview and Honorable Mention was the first Summer Yearling, Discoverys Andreas June, Lisa Demmer, Discovery Genetics.

For more photos check out the gallery at www.purebred.smugmug.com.


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