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Midwest National Spring Jersey Show

Judge Perry Phend of Osseo, Wisconsin, was the official for the 2018 show in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 27.

Grand Champion of the Jersey Show

Grand Champion honors went to Edgebrook Tequila Madison-ET, owned by MilkSource Genetics of Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Reserve Grand Champion honors went to Budjon, Vail & Jordan with Schulte Bros Tequila Shot-ET. Electras Evolution, first-junior and second-place Four-Year-Old, was the Grand Champion of the Junior Show for Noah Bilz of Dorchester, Wisconsin. The overall third-place and second-junior, Big Time Tequila Makes Me Social, of Linehan Jerseys & Olivia Bowers, River Falls, Wisconsin.

Grands of the Junior Show

Intermediate Champion was Marker AppleJack Get Over It, owned by Budjon Farm & Peter Vail. Reserve Intermediate Champion was Lost-Elm Tequila Secret, exhibited by Jason Luttropp of Berlin, Wisconsin. Ashley Oberreich of Plymouth, Wisconsin, owned the Junior Two-Year-Old tapped for Intermediate Champion of the Junior Show, Day-Kel Ladd Hawaii. Lauren Henningfeld of Cross Plains, Wisconsin, Van Dell Thor 182, the first-junior Senior Three-Year-Old.

Intermediate Champions of the Show

Intermediate Champions of the Junior Show

Pfaffsway Farms of Auburndale, Wisconsin, took the Junior Champion banner home with Pfaffsway Showdown Glisten-ET, the first-place Fall Yearling. MilkSource Genetics and Tristen Ostrum took home the Reserve Junior Champion and Junior Champion of the Junior Show banners with Milksource Premier Boston. Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show was the Summer Yearling, Entourage-LC Tequila Kalypso-ET for Grant Vosters, Freedom, Wisconsin.

Junior Champions of the Show

Woodmohr Jerseys were named Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder.

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