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Louisville National Guernsey Show Heifers

The National Guernsey Show has begun in Louisville, Kentucky, with the heifer show this evening (November 4). Tonight’s judge is Sean Johnson of Pennsylvania and his associate is Chris Reichard of Pennsylvania.

Spring Calves

  1. H Broke Levi Tot (Aarons Levi), Dana & Madison Sickles, Marengo, IL

  2. Springhill Hot Topic-ETV (Pies), Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

  3. Warwick Manor Lone Star Georgie (Lone Star), Kaila, Karli, Kolby Stoltzfus, East Earl, PA

  4. Guernsey Grove HP Mystique-ET (Activate), Ashlee Crubel, Lancaster, WI

  5. Nicleys Lonestar Highlite-ETV (Lone Star), Ellie Jenkins, Harrodsburg, KY

Winter Calves

  1. Trotacre Ernie Selena (Lil Ernie), Grant Itle, Enon Valley, PA

  2. Knapps Mission Twilight (Mission), Aiden McMurray, Eighty Four, PA

  3. Misty Meadows HPMB Suspicion (Fireworks), Darlene Moser, Pleasant Lake, IA

  4. Cedar Fringed Kringle Addy (Kringle), Elsie Wolff, East Earl, PA

  5. Guernsey Gem Bo Kapow-ETV (Bo), Valley Gem & Scott Weisensel, Marshall, WI

Fall Calves

  1. Springhill Joke’s Finale-ETV (RO Levi), Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

  2. Trotacre Ernie Madalyn (Lil Ernie), Jamie Trotter, Enon Valley, PA

  3. Hi Guern View Designer Decor-ET (Bo), Alaina Dinderman, Orangeville, IL

  4. Knapps Pies Making Magic-ETV (Pies), Landree Fraley, Muncy, PA

  5. Hi Field Lightning Taffy (Lightning), Wayne Spurrier, Mifflinburg, PA

Summer Yearlings

  1. Knapps Copper Tropical (Copper), Kelly Jo Johnson & Knapp Guernseys, York, PA

  2. Mar Shirl Ernie Ginger (Lil Ernie), Jocelyn McMurray, Eighty Four, PA

  3. Hartdale Primetime Cami (Primetime), Hartdale Guernseys, Mulberry Grove, IL

  4. Charnell Crunch Holla (Crunch), Byrce Birk, North Liberty, IN

  5. Mar Ral AP Marlys (American Pie), Samantha Plocher, Salem, OH

Spring Yearlings

  1. Rutter Bros Top Notch Cami-ETV (Top Notch), Kelly Johnson, York, PA

  2. Knapps Pies Tambilize-ETV (Pies), Landen Knapp, Epworth, IA

  3. Springhill Disco Jarica (Disco), Graer, Wetmore, Withington, Lang, Fremont, OH

  4. Joy Hill P Kantessa (Pistoll), Cassie Crandall, New Castle, IN

  5. Eber Acres E Annie (Lil Ernie), Eberhard Famimly, Mechanicsburg, OH

Winter Yearlings

  1. Knapps ROL Top The Class- ETV (RO Levi), Landen Knapp, Epworth, IA

  2. GR-Trotacre Corbins Ella (Altanic), Corbin McMurray, Eighty Four, PA

  3. Warwick Manor LS Star-ET (Lone Star), Kolby Stoltzfus, East Earl, Pa

  4. Knapps ROL Take Me Home-ETV (RO Levi), Valley Gem, Jesse & Kami Dorn, Cumberland, WI

  5. Coulee Crest Boman Latoya (Boman), R-Way Farm, Ashlee & Amber Dietz, Southington, OH

Fall Yearlings

  1. Muffets Twin Acre Lizzy (Fireworks), Elizabeth Roedl, Edgewood, IL

  2. Springhill Pies Jadira-ETV (Pies), Springhill/Valerie & Jim Spreng, Big Prairie, OH

  3. Holdcombs Lonestar Sunset (Lone Star), Connor Sutton, Sun City, FL

  4. Balmoral Latimer Santana (Latimer), Alex & Mary Richardson, Wapakoneta, OH

  5. Lang Haven Pilot Toronto-TW (Pilot), Jenna Langrehr, West Salem, WI

Junior Champions

Junior Champion: Springhill Joke’s Finale-ETV (RO Levi), Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

Reserve Junior Champion: Rutter Bros Top Notch Cami-ETV (Top Notch), Kelly Johnson, York, PA

We’ll see you in the morning for the Guernsey Gold Futurity and the Cow classes of the national show!

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