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International Holstein Junior Show Champions

Lynn Harbaugh of Marion, Wisconsin, and Ryan Krohlow of Pynette, Wisconsin, served as the official judges of the largest Junior Holstein Show to be held at World Dairy Expo to date.

Trevor Tuman & Chandler Benig of Arlington, Minnesota, took home top honors with their award-winning Five-Year-Old, Walk-Era Dundee Annelise. The Production Cow, J&K-Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET was tapped for Reserve Grand for owner Douglas R. Boop of Millmont, Pennsylvania

Intermediate Champions were the three-year-olds. First Junior Three, APGambo Atwood Keenan was name Intermediate Champion for owner Alexandra Gambonini of Petaluma, California. Sunnyhome McCutcheon MIldred was named Reserve Intermediate Champion for owner Connor Erbsen of Lanark, Illinois.

Junior Champion was the iwnning Summer Yearling Petitclerc Atwood Spoutnik-ET for the Bilz, Schachelmayer, Chambers, Bufton Blue juniors from Dorchester, Wisconsin. Reserve honors went to Alli Walker with her first-place Winter Calf Budjon-Abbot Automatic-ET.

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