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International Guernsey Heifer Show - Madison

Judge Brian Schnebly and his Associate Mike Hickman have entered the ring to begin today's portion of the International Guernsey Heifer Show. This up to date coverage and photos is brought to you by these sponsors.

Spring Calf

  1. H Broke Boman Rosi-TW (Bowman), Dana & Madison Sickles, Marengo, IA (1st JR)

  2. Sniders HP GG Apple Sauce-ETV (Rebel), Hillpoint, Snider HOmestead & DAn Basse, Cross Plains, WI

  3. Knapps Ladysman Tigger-ETV (Ladys Man), Austin & Landon Knapp, Epworth, IA

  4. H Broke evi Tot (Aaron Levi), Dana & Madison Sickles, Marengo, IA (2nd JR)

  5. Knapps HP MB Trinna-ETV (Pies), P. Morey MIller & Hillpoint Partners, Granby, CT

Winter Calf

  1. Knapps Pie Time To Dance-ETV (American Pie), Austin & Landen Knapp, Epworth, IA

  2. Guernsey Gem Bo Kapow-ETV (Alymo Bo), Valley Gem & Scott Weisensel, Marshall, WI

  3. Lang Haven Latimer No Worries-ET (Latimer), Don & Kathy Langrehr, West Salem, WI

  4. Ka Kath Latimer Beth (Latimer), Ben & Kayla Cuthrie, Monticello, IA

  5. Misty Meadows HP MB Suspicious-ETV (Fireworks), Ashlyn Sarbacker (lease), P. Morey Miller & Hillpoint Partners (owner)

Fall Calf

  1. Springhill Jokes Finale-ETV (RO Levi), Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

  2. Knapps Apie Time To Show-ETV (American Pie), Glamourview-Iager & Walton, Walkersville, MD

  3. Royalty Manor Fame Lastcallcrush-ET (Fame), Jade Kruschke, New Richmond, WI

  4. Knapps Pie Making Magic-ETV (Pies), Landree Fraley, Muncy, PA (1st JR)

  5. Hi Field Lightning Taffy (Lightning), Kylan Keehan (Lease), Wayne Spurrier (owner), Milfflinburg, PA

Summer Yearling

  1. Sniders HP GG Lonestar Amazing-ETV (Lone Star), Logan Harbaugh (lease), Amazing Syndicate (owner), Marion, WI (1st JR)

  2. Hartdale Primetime Cami (Primetime), L Robison & B & C Hartmann, Mulburry Grove, IL (2nd JR)

  3. Knapps Copper Tropical (Copper), Kelly Jo Honson & Knapp Guernseys, York, PA

  4. Up The Creek Hoppers Wheat-TW (Hopper), Donna Anderson, Lester Prairie, MN

  5. Guernsey Grove HP Taffy-ETV (Lone Star), Paige Dilley, Monticello, WI

Spring Yearlings

  1. Rutter Bros Top Notch Cali-ETV (Top Notch), Kelly J. Johnson, York, PA

  2. Springhill Disco Jarica (Gettin Dirty), Grammer, Wetmore, Withington, Lang, Fremont, OH

  3. Prairie Moon Wunder (Primetime), Leslie Sivesind, Waukon, IA

  4. Ry-Sar Copper Kallie-ET (Copper), Rex Ferris, Soap Lake, WA

  5. Rutter Bros Top Notch Cami-ETV (Top Notch), Kelly J. Johnson, York, PA

Winter Yearling

  1. Crown J HP Lucifer Jedi (Lucifer), Hillpoint Partners & Josey Morris, Johnson Creek,, WI

  2. Springhill Spider Jabrill-ETV (Spider), Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

  3. Knapps Rol Take Me Home-ETV (RO Levi), Valley Gem, J. Dorn & K. Schuler, Cumberland, WI

  4. Knapps Rol top The Class-ETV (RO Levi), Landen Knapp, Epworth, IA

  5. Lang Haven Bruce Nataeve-ET (Bruce), Jenna Langrehr, West Salem, WI (1st JR)

Fall Yearling

  1. Springhill Pies Joy-ETV (Pies), Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

  2. Muffets Twin Acre LIzzy (Fireworks) Elizabeth Marie Roedl, Edgewood, IL

  3. Knapps Tambi-Pies-ETV (Pies), Landen Knapp, Epworth, IA

  4. Misty Meadow Fworks Silhouette-ETV (Fireworks) Beth Anne Clark, New Paris, PA

  5. Up The Creek Toby Kadiddle-ET, (C Topy), Karen Anderson-Johnson, Lester Prairie, MN

Junior Champion of the Junior Show

Sniders HP GG Lonestar Amazing-ETV, (Summer Yearling) Logan Harbaugh

Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show

Hartdale Primetime Cami (Primetime), L Robison & B & C Hartmann, Mulburry Grove, IL

Junior Champion

Springhill Jokes Finale-ETV (Fall Calf), Springhill

Res. Junior Champion

Knapps Pie Time To Dance-ETV (Winter Calf), Knapps

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of the Heifer Show - Knapps Guernseys

Premier Sire of the Heifer Show - Jens Gold Aaron Copper

For more photos view our gallery at www.purebred.smugmug.com later this week for all the photos taken during the show. And check back tomorrow for the cow show!

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