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Guernsey Youth Recognized at National Guernsey Convention in Iowa

The annual Youth Award Banquet was held at the National Guernsey Convention in Dubuque, Iowa on Friday, June 29. American Guernsey Youth Association Members from across the country were recognized during the program, hosted by AGYA president Daniel Ripley.

Prior to the Youth Awards, a special auction was held to raise funds for the 2019 World Guernsey Conference, being held in the United States. An original Bonnie Mohr work, commissioned for the conference, was auctioned off, as well as a #1 and #2 giclee, #1 artist's proof and #1 print. Several thousand dollars were raised for the event. John and Patty McMurray purchased the the original painting for $20,000.

L-R: John & Patty McMurray and Bonnie & John Mohr with the original work Future's Promise, commissioned for the 2019 World Guernsey Conference

All contests showed strong participation again this year. The AGYA offers many competitions for juniors both at convention and those unable to attend, including Quiz Bowl, speaking contests, folding display, a video contest, a photo contest, and many production contests.

Four scholarships were presented at the awards program. Participation in scholarship interviews was strong this year.

L-R: National Guernsey Youth Scholarship winner Dalan Ealy, with 2017 National Queen Lauren Robison and scholarship judge Patty Richardson

L-R: Brian Schnebly, presenting the Seth & Genevieve Schnebly Memorial Scholarship to Daniel Ripley; 2017 National Queen Lauren Robison

L-R: 2017 National Queen Lauren Robison with the Turley Scholarship recipients Daniel Ripley and Levi Kindschi; scholarship judge Teresa McGehee

Not pictured: Max Dawdy Scholarship recipient Jessica Schmitt

The 2018 Queen Competition came to a close on Friday evening with the coronation of the new Queen and Princess. The 2018 National Guernsey Queen is Rachel Grober of Ionia, Iowa. The 2018 National Guernsey Princess is Jamie Trotter of Enon Valley, Pennsylvania.

2018 National Princess Jamie Trotter, left, and 2018 National Queen Rachel Grober

The awards portion concluded with the presentation of the Outstanding Youth award. This year's winner is Daniel Ripley of Moravia, New York. Lauren Robison of Mulberry Grove, Illinois, was also recognized as the First Runner-Up of the competition.

2018 National Outstanding Youth Daniel Ripley

Following the awards banquet is the annual Youth Auction, the single largest fundraiser for the AGYA every year. Over $6,000 was raised through the auction of unique donated items, including several prints, antiques, handmade goods and local products.

For more convention coverage check out the August issue of the Guernsey Breeders' Journal

All photos by Michael Murphy for Purebred Publishing

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