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Guernsey CEO discusses status of breed

Editor's note: This piece was originally published in the Farmshine, Friday, June 1, 2018 and provided to purebrednews.com as well.

The Guernsey dairy breed origins go back some 1000 years ago. Since that time, it has served with distinction as a breed with great disposition, dairy strength and who delivers highly nutritious, great tasting milk. In fact, a recent consumer test conducted by the Center for Dairy Research in Wisconsin decisively concluded that there is a preference for Guernsey milk over standard commodity table milk. There was a time when Golden Guernsey Milk was consumed across the USA as an important part of the American diet. Golden Guernsey Milk was local, nutritious, great tasting and naturally premium


Some 100 million gallons per year were consumed under the Golden Guernsey label. In the current era of declining milk consumption and a growing attraction to the hollow messaging of analog alternative milk beverages, the Guernsey stands out for its


Warwick Manor Chases Silk

legacy and heritage of uncompromising values around authenticity, quality, nutrition and taste. A product produced by a great cow well cared for by the backbone of US Agriculture; the American family dairy. As a result of a growing movement to the return to nutritional core values coupled with the desire of the consumer to connect with the food source, demand for Guernsey milk is on a steep vertical upswing. 100% authentic Guernsey milk not only tastes great, it delivers a uniquely satisfying nutritional experience which is not easily matched. In addition to the above-mentioned attributes, there is growing interest being generated around the A2 beta casein protein as it relates to digestibility and gut health. The Guernsey cow owns the A2 protein space. It is by far the dairy cow breed in North America with the highest level of naturally occurring A2 protein in the breed with some 90% of the breed carrying the A2 beta casein variant. The American Guernsey Association (AGA) is investing in the current and future of not only the Guernsey breed but also the membership. The AGA recently established strategic partnerships with Holstein USA and Zoetis to not only bring state of the art classification, breeding and selection tools to its members, but also to better expand the accuracy and reliability of breed data for continuous improvement. In addition, in 2018, the AGA will be reestablishing the Golden Guernsey brand within the retail dairy category across various geographies in the United States. This program will not only deliver a value added premium product to the consumer but will also provide additional income and a fair return to the Guernsey dairy farmer and local milk processor. Since the 1970s a combination of dubious science and other marketing factors have contributed to a steep decline of per capita fluid milk consumption. It seems that the age of highly processed, laboratory engineered foods is finally on the decline as consumers are re awakened to values which stand the test of time: quality; fresh; naturally nutritious; great tasting; satisfying and locally sourced. The Guernsey cow and its caretakers deliver all that!

*Pictured above is Warwick Manor Chases Silk EX-91. All-American Nominee and Total Performance Cow - Harrisburg, 2014. Best record: 7-00 365D 2X 34,080M 8.3% 2,825F*3.3% 1,113P. 2017 Component Queen. Backed by two generations of Excellent dams. Owned by Kevin Stoltzfus family, Warwick Manor, East Earl, PA

​For more information about the Guernsey cow and her product, or the association, contact us at www.usguernsey.com or 614.864.2409. For embryos, semen and cattle sales visit the website at www.guernseymarketingservice.com​

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