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Annual Meeting of the National Association of Animal Breeders


The Annual meeting of the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) was held September 18-19, 2018 at the Radisson Hotel and Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Meeting agenda included the Business session, election of directors, and peer awards.

During the business session Board Chairman Chuck Sattler noted that 2018 completes his term on the Board. He compared the Trade Association to a referee. It’s about enforcing the laws and watching out for the players or members.

Sattler also shared how the Board of Directors have been exploring membership qualifications over the past several years to find ways of expanding membership. The objective was to be more inclusive and enable companies that are involved in the production or marketing of genetics in the USA to become regular members. The bylaw resolution that was circulated with the Call to Meeting was reviewed and approved by the delegates.

Sattler also mentioned that the Board is working with CDCB to develop a business plan for the release of full official genomic evaluations 6 times per year. This approach allows the U.S. evaluations to remain in harmony with the three Interbull evaluations while adding three more equally spaced evaluations as a way to strengthen the leadership position of the US genetic evaluation system.

Jay Weiker, NAAB president, reported that the total dairy and beef unit sales for 2017 increased 7.6% from just over 53 million units in 2016 to 57,072,208 units in 2017 representing an increase of 4 million units and establishing a new record for the total number of units sold. Export unit sales increased 11.5% to 25,586,185 units establishing a new record for exports exceeding the 2014 record by 2.5 million units. The total dollar value for exports also increased by 12.4% in 2017 to $175 million, also establishing a new record high. While the challenges continued for the global dairy industry and tariff discussions on agricultural products are daily news, unit sales for the first half of 2018 are trending upward by about 5% indicating a strong start to the year. With a strong second half, the industry is on pace to achieve a new record for total sales in 2018. The new membership criteria will go into effect in January 2019 and will expand membership opportunities. This will also enhance the accuracy of the industry statistics that are a core responsibility of a trade association. NAAB will develop application forms and materials explaining the benefits of becoming a Regular Member of NAAB. This is an exciting time for NAAB and the industry.

International activities included 5 trips to key markets to address trade barriers. Additionally, multiple workshops were conducted in Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania reaching many producers that plan to increase the use of semen imported from the USA. Exports continue to represent a significant and increasing portion of the business for NAAB members. These activities to help open and expand global markets benefit all NAAB members and make elite genetics available to dairy and beef producers around the world.

Dr. Charles Brown, II, Head Global Biosecurity for Alta Genetics and President of the CSS Board of Directors, gave an update on membership and an overview of the CSS Board meetings and conference calls held over the past year.

The Board of Directors for the 2018-2019 year are: Dr. Katie Olson, ABS Global, Chair, David Jensen, Hawkeye Breeders, Paul Hunt, Alta Genetics, Earl Souva, Great Lakes Sire Service, Roy Wilson, GENEX, Bobby Fair, STgenetics and Christopher England, Select Sires.

Chuck Sattler, was recognized with a Retiring Board Chairman plaque as well as a Board Member plaque for serving 2 full three year terms on the NAAB Board of Directors and serving 3 years as the chairman.

2018-2019 NAAB Board of Directors: Front Row (L to R): Christopher England, Select Sires; Earl Souva, Great Lakes Sire Service; Dr. Katie Olson, ABS Global, NAAB Board Chair; Paul Hunt, Vice Chair, Alta Genetics.

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