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An Exceptional "Big Dance"

The Creek and Shank families at Palmyra Farm in Hagerstown, Maryland, have long been known for being some of the top Ayrshire breeders in the country, if not the world. Palmyra has been exhibiting at World Dairy Expo since 1977, and 40 years later, they’ve had one of their best years at the “Big Dance” yet.

It takes a lot of work to achieve the title of Grand Champion at the International Ayrshire Show, and the icing on the cake is when it’s with a bred and owned cow. This year, Palmyra exhibited their first Grand Champion in over 30 years, Palmyra Berkely P Ruth-ET. This young cow had already made a name for herself in the Ayrshire world, being named Intermediate Champion of the International Show in 2016, as well as the Unanimous All-American Senior Two-Year-Old. This year, the third-calf Senior Three truly hit her stride, taking home Intermediate and Grand Champion for breeder and owner Evan Creek. Even more special, their previous Grand Champion, Palmyra Dolmen Tammy EX-92, was also bred and owned.

Ruth is an EX-91 Berkely daughter with an impressive second lactation of 2-10 320D 26,340M 4.7% 1,239F 3.1% 825P. She hails from the “Rosy” family at Palmyra, which is starting to make its name with many impressive maternal and paternal progeny. Ruth is a full sister to Reagan and maternal sister to Roush, both at Select Sires. Her dam is Palmyra Poker LH Rosy-ET EX-92, Reserve All-American in 2013.

Palmyra Farm experienced success beyond Grand, being the runner-up Premier Breeder and Exhibitor, and breeding the Premier Sire, the massively influential Palmrya Tri-Star Burdette-ET. In addition, Palmyra Farm won a coveted Herdsmanship award, which they have claimed at least six times before, according to Mary Creek.

Michael Creek answers the question of what it was like leading Ruth:

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