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American Dairy Coalition webinar:

Defend Yourself By Protecting Your Milk Price

The American Dairy Coalition welcomes dairy producers and industry allied businesses to participate in our free, informative webinar entitled:

“Dairy RP: Put Money In Your Pocket When You Need It.”

January 25 th , 2019

8:30 a.m. CST/ 9:30 a.m EST

With profitability continuing to decline, one thing is clear: Producers need a safety net now more than ever. The Dairy Revenue Protection Program (Dairy RP) is a new risk-management tool, similar to crop insurance, which will help producers protect their revenue. The American Dairy Coalition (ADC) will host an informative webinar with knowledgeable presenters to help producers wade through the confusion and answer any questions. Hear from the experts about how to use risk-management tools available to you to weather these uncertain times.

Featured Speakers:

John Newton

Chief Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation

Dr. Newton will provide an in-depth overview of this Dairy RP revenue protection program designed for dairy producers. How can this program help farmers protect themselves during times of low milk prices?

Find why the new Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) in the recently passed Farm Bill may provide small protection for farms with 200 cows or more, but another option may be better suited for larger producers. Dr. Newton’s overview of the Dairy Revenue Protection Program will explain the best options for risk protection for producers who milk more than 200 cows.

Alex Coenen

Director of Business Development, Milk Source

Alex is actively involved in the risk-management program and is responsible for forecasting, hedging strategy and execution for a multi-site dairy operations that produces 2.6 million pounds of milk per day and prides itself on sustainability and animal care.

Learn how Alex views the existing risk-management plans and takes advantage of “put options” the Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) offers by locking in their cost of production now to protect their revenue in the future.

Tim Baumgartner

Team Leader Dairy Lending, Compeer Financial

Tim has worked for Compeer, which is part of the Farm Credit System, for 15 years. He works with nine dairy specialists across Compeer’s territory, focusing on clients milking 400 cows or more, with a portfolio sized at $1.2 billion.

Tim will provide a point of view, from the banking perspective, on the Dairy Revenue Protection program (DRP).

To RSVP please visit www.americandairycoalitioninc.com

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