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Allflex Group, parent brand of Allflex, SCR, Biomark and Sure Petcare, has changed its name to Antel

LONDON, UK. (February 5, 2018)—We are proud to announce the launch of Antelliq, the new parent brand for our group which incorporates our major animal identification and monitoring companies, including the key brands of Allflex, SCR, Biomark and Sure Petcare. “Our unique group has evolved from a livestock identification company into an animal intelligence company, creating world-class devices for animal identification and traceability, pioneering monitoring solutions, and delivering smart data products and services”, Antelliq CEO Dr. Stefan Weiskopf said. “At Antelliq, everything we do is designed to reveal opportunities to improve the management and wellbeing of livestock, fish and pets. Antelliq is a statement of our ambition: to be the world’s leading animal intelligence group, dedicated to connecting animals and people for a smarter future.” We have been active in this industry for over 60 years and currently employ over 1,900 people worldwide. We satisfy customer needs in over 100 countries. We operate 24 production sites in 21 countries spanning five continents. The creation of Antelliq recognises that our group today has a significantly greater breadth and diversity to its offer than ever before. As Antelliq, our regional innovation centres and global scale mean we are exceptionally well-positioned to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We support farmers by providing real-time actionable information to help them manage their herds and meet the worlds’ increasing demand for protein. We provide pet owners with smart devices and data that give them a better understanding of their pets’ health needs and wellbeing, enriching relationships. We help conservationists safeguard natural environments and wildlife. We are here to provide the technology and intelligence that will be at the heart of overcoming these challenges, leveraging Antelliq’s diversity for a shared purpose: to connect animals and people for a smarter future.


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