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ROCK SPRINGS, WISC. – International Protein Sires (IPS) continues to add new and exciting genetic leaders as the result of the August sire summaries. “The current sire proofs surfaced several new genomic proven young sires over +2800GTPI. These new additions to our lineup are considered genetic pacesetters in the Holstein breed. More importantly, they fulfill the expectations of our growing customer base. Our customers seek durable dairy cows that turn a profit. They also desire show winning type, the polled trait, red color and the increasing demand for the A2A2 milk attribute,” shared Ron Sersland, IPS President and CEO.

Heading the IPS lineup is 566HO1306 CAUGHT MY EYE at +2825GTPI. Ranked #74, this new genetic pacesetter is +1,861 lbs. milk, +99 lbs. fat (+.10%) and +63 lbs. protein (+.02%). CAUGHT MY EYE touts superior conformation ratings at +2.71 type, +2.82 UDC and +1.40 FLC. And, the bull excels in productive life at +4.6 along with a calving ease rating of 6.1%. CAUGHT MY EYE is sired by Hotline from and up and coming Octoberfest daughter. His cow family, from the Larcrest herd, is highly respected for their brood cow performance.

566HO1293 SEASAW has shot up to +2817 GTPI. Most notable is SEASAW’s third consecutive ranking in the Top 100 GTPI for genomic bulls. SEASAW’s impressive production numbers are +1,655 lbs. milk, +75 lbs. fat (+.05%) and +61 lbs. protein (+.04%). His health traits are notable at +7.6 PL and $1065 DWP$. In addition, SEASAW has useful conformation scores; +1.88 type, +2.19 UDC and +1.53 FLC. SEASAW is a Bandares son from a VG-85 Supershot daughter. And then a deep cow family follows.

566HO1301 KINGSTON now resides among the breed’s elite at +2805 GTPI. This shining star reigns supreme for components; +108 lbs. fat (+.24%) and +66 lbs. protein (+.12%). KINGSTON is also BB for Kappa Casein. Look for KINGSTON to improve type and stability; +2.18 type and $1015 DWP$.

566HO1305 THUMBS UP transmits supreme wellness traits at $1199 DWP$ with a +2727 GTPI rating. His durability or fitness scores are equally as good; +8.2 productive life and +3.9 LIV. THUMBS UP is one of only three bulls over +2,001 lbs. milk and +8.0 for productive live. These health qualities are complemented with high production at +2,001 lbs. milk, +78 lbs. fat (+.01%) and +66 lbs. protein (+.02%). His entire family is packed with high milk yield from durable, profitable cattle.

IPS offers a new and exciting genomic proven sire for the red enthusiast, 566HO1296 LOYAL-Red RC at +2358 GTPI. LOYAL-Red is among the breed’s elite polled sires, ranking him #5 in the breed for GTPI among R&W, PC bulls. This versatile sire has a strong balance of many traits. First, his conformation scores; +2.09 type and +2.54 UDC. Second are his production ratings; +584 lbs. milk and (+0.13%) fat. And third, LOYAL-Red has excellent health trait scores; +4.0 productive life and 6.9% calving ease. This natural dehorner is sired by Loyola-P from a Champion-Red daughter. Through the depths of LOYAL’s unique family you will find Hanoverhill Tony Rae (EX-96) as his eight dam.

These new IPS Holstein additions strengthen the IPS mantra of superior performance with durable conformation. They are also qualities demanded by dairy producers worldwide. IPS semen may be conveniently obtained throughout the world from company employees or independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, www.ipssires.com or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593

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