American Guernsey Association Updates CPI/PTI Formula

The American Guernsey Association Board of Directors elected to update the CPI/PTI formula, effective for the December genetic evaluation, which will take place on December 4, 2018. Based on a recommendation from the Genetic Improvement Committee, the new formula balances the weight on Fat and Protein to 25% each. This is a change from the previous weighting of 20% Fat, 30% Protein.The remainder of the formula will be unchanged. If you have any questions about the new formula

Efficient Techniques Discovered for Isolating Embryonic Stem Cells in Cows

Findings Could Advance Cattle Production, Help Study Human Disease For more than 35 years, scientists have tried to isolate embryonic stem cells in cows without much success. Under the right conditions, embryonic stem cells can grow indefinitely and make any other cell type or tissue, which has huge implications for creating genetically superior cows. In a study published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists at the University of

Zoetis and American Guernsey Association Announce Genomic Testing Agreement

Association leverages Clarifide® and Clarifide® Ultra to improve breed performance, production KALAMAZOO, Mich.,- Zoetis and the American Guernsey Association (AGA) today announced a genomic testing agreement to help improve Guernsey breed performance and production objectives. With this agreement, AGA elected to partner exclusively with Zoetis for its leading genomic testing solutions. Association members can make confident genetic selection decisions to advance progress tow

Select Sires Releases “Impact Sires of the Breed” Artwork

Plain City, OH - Select Sires unveiled a new “Impact Sires of the Breed” artwork to attendees of their National Sales Conference in Columbus, Ohio earlier this month. The newest edition represents the Holstein breed’s greatest impact sires from this decade, including ten most influential daughter-proven sires and the two most dominating genomic sires for elite ranking sons and daughters. The new print features: 7HO11314 MOGUL, 7HO12165 MONTROSS, 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE, 7HO12600 M

AABPF and Zoetis Award $60,000 in Veterinary Student Scholarships at 2017 AABP Conference

Twelve fourth-year veterinary students from across the country were presented scholarships on Friday, Sept. 15 during the 50th Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) in Omaha, Nebraska. Made possible by the annual AABP Foundation – Zoetis Veterinary Student Scholarship program, each student received a $5,000 scholarship and a travel stipend to the conference. Since 2009, this scholarship program, a joint effort between the AABP Foundation

US based ST genetics has become the majority shareholder in the UK’s largest bull stud Cogent Breedi

Worldwide livestock reproduction and bovine technology business ST genetics of Texas has become the majority shareholder in the UK’s largest bull stud Cogent Breeding Ltd. Cogent will provide ST with a strong platform in the UK and Europe providing new routes to market and a creating a powerhouse of industry knowledge, technology and resources. In turn, ST genetics will provide significant benefits to Cogent, in particular: world class bull power including the number one P

Genus IntelliGen™ Technologies Partners with Geno – Leading Norwegian Genetics Breeder

Genus IntelliGen™ Technologies, a unit of Genus plc, a global pioneer in animal genetics, announces a technology transfer and license agreement of its proprietary sexed genetics technology to Geno, the leading Norwegian bovine genetics producer. Geno will produce sexed Norwegian Red genetics in Norway using Genus’ innovative genetics sexing technology. Geno has had an exclusive partnership with ABS Global (Genus’ bovine genetics division) for several years to market Norwegian

Welcome Stock Dairy: Evolving, Adapting and Succeeding

There are few farms in this country, let alone the world, that can lay claim to breeding three top-ranking bulls in the world, let alone in two different breeds. The Pecks of Welcome Stock Farm in New York have not only accomplished this, but continue to provide the quality genetics that the market demands. The Pecks have a goal to be successful enough that the next generation has the option if they so choose to continue the Welcome Stock tradition of breeding elite animals.